Today’s lunch. 😀 #cravingsatisfied #macaroons #MangoBoba #PopCornChicken #WorthIt
Las Vegas with babe & the family. 😁👌✌🌇🚗
Hey ladies, I’m selling my clothes that I never wore or doesn’t fit me anymore. Check out my btq @maekloset ❤👗👜👚
Tatay Jimmy ; Exercise timee ~ 🏃😄
Thank you bhess @ayeeitzlynyo20  I appreciate all the things you do for me. I surely adore & value our friendship. 💜😁😆 #CravingSatisfied #CartoonCandy #hellokittyMasqueradePochacco style #LovingIt
Nanay Lorreta. 😄💗
Follow your bliss ✏#UnfinishArtWork
Happy birthday mommy. 💝
👶 💚
Happy birthday mom. I love you so much 💚💗 #1 Woman in my life. Thank you for always being there for me through good and bad times. You’ll always be my favorite woman of all. You’re my everything mom. I love you dearestly. I couldn’t ask God for anyone else, but you. Because you’re the best. 💝💖i love you mom.
111713 the FIRST day ; 31214 the YES day. ♡ #Official #Engage
Craving satisfied ; Thanks babe. @jvplata143