Raindrops, my favorite lullaby.
In the second picture, she was actually opening her mouth & tongue. Can’t wait to see & hold her. #Excited #blessed #contented #1stBaby #BabyGirl #MyPrincess #LOML #31Weeks
Since the day my 7 months started, I got more nervous/scared ; yet, excited at the same time. The months goes by so fast, 2 more months to go.

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There’s a difference between somebody who wants you and somebody who would do anything to keep you.

Remember that.


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Getting ready for my baby shower ; 32 more days to go ! ✔Invitation ✔Giveaways 💑💮👶🚼💞🎊
Getting ready for my baby shower ! 32 more days to go. 💑👶💮🚼🎊💞
 ✅Invitation ✔Giveaways

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So in love with these Filipino snacks. ❤ #CravingsCompletelySatidfied #FoodPorn
Selling use/new/slightly use clothes that I don’t wear/Fit anymore. CHEAPPP CLOTHESSS! (Nothing above 20$)  Follow maeesbtq ; Meet Ups, Pick Ups & Drops offs($$)
Wawa naman si baby sa stomach, naipit na suman. I can feel it, she’s having trouble moving.  -.-” #PregnancyProblems #GettingBigger